Lean Innovation Accelerator

Our Lean Innovation Accelerator trains small business leaders to, among other things, quickly and cheaply discover where they can specialize to make their business more profitable.

Basic Package

The Accelerator is an intensive course where you, and a cohort of fellow business and nonprofit leaders, learn how to create new revenue and competitive differentiation. Along the way you will get special access to an elite group of successful entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors. At the heart of the Accelerator is the curriculum our founder originally built for Valley Venture Mentors. That curriculum proved pivotal in Valley Venture Mentors becoming recognized as one of the top 100 programs of its kind in the world. Top students have gone on to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars of new business within six months of graduation. Testimonials can be found here.

Time: Half-day sessions meeting twice a month for six months. Each organization must send at least two people. One of those people must be the owner/CEO/Executive Director or a senior executive with sufficient authority to Make Things Happen. 

Dates: Deadline to apply for the next class is February 16th. Classes begin on March 2nd.

Our Guarantee: We are confident in the value of our programming and stand by it with a 100% guarantee. Any organization that participates in at least 80% of class sessions and is not fully satisfied six months after graduation will receive a full refund.   

Tuition: $3k per student (minimum of two students). Discounts are available to nonprofits and veteran-run businesses. Qualifying small businesses may be able to apply for Workforce Training Grants from the commonwealth (Massachusetts) to defray some or all of the tuition cost.

Plus Package

Students in the Plus Package participate in the Basic classes described above but also receive:

  • IdeaJam: This day-long event brings together a group of passionate stakeholders (employees, funders, partner organizations, families of clients, etc.) who serve as mentors to help students rapidly develop and triage a long list of potential innovations.   
  • 2x PitchCamps: Without excellent communication skills, even the best innovations stay on the drawing board. This intense, half-day event helps your team rapidly improve their presentation and public speaking capabilities.
  • 2x Mentorship Nights: Modeled on Valley Venture Mentors's extremely successful monthly mentoring meetings, these events help students: hone their presentation skills in front of a live audience, get a flood of advice in a short period of time, and discover people who can go on to become critical mentors or referral sources.  

Tuition: Students pay the basic tuition outlined above plus... 

  • For teams with 3 or more students: FREE
  • For teams with fewer students: $3k per team 

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